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What is the allocation standard of fitness equipment in the unit? How to configure!


At present, many enterprises and institutions will set aside some space to build a fitness center to facilitate employees to exercise in their leisure time. I have to say that they are really considerate. After all, most people are at home and at work, and they don't even have time to have dinner with friends, let alone exercise. Therefore, the sales of household fitness equipment has increased year by year, which has become the choice of some people. At the same time, many enterprises have set up fitness centers in the company to ensure everyone's healthy and happy work. So what is a reasonable plan if the company wants to build a gym?

First of all, the allocation of fitness equipment in the unit is the issue of venue. Enterprises and institutions generally have limited space for gymnasiums, so it is enough to make rational use of the space to achieve the purpose of fitness.

Unit fitness equipment configuration is to meet the fitness needs of the public. Most of the office workers in enterprises and institutions are mental workers, and many of them have no sports foundation. Therefore, in the selection of equipment, try to choose the equipment that is easy to operate, easy to use, safe and reliable, and suitable for ordinary people or light trainers.

The next step is the choice of equipment. We can match the equipment from aerobic exercise and strength training. Aerobic equipment: treadmill, elliptical machine, spinning bike, etc.

1. The treadmill is an important part of the gym. A gym without a treadmill has no soul. The treadmill is simple and easy to operate. It has a wide audience and few restrictions. It can cushion and change the slope. It can also watch TV while running. Everyone who goes to the gym will go to the treadmill for exercise. So the choice of treadmill becomes particularly important.

The treadmill is actually a motor-driven transmission belt. To be safe and comfortable, the key is the running area and motor power. The length of the running area is generally 152cm, and the minimum width should not be less than 50. The motor power shall be at least 3HP. After all, the users have a variety of weight levels, both fat and thin.

Then it is whether the operation of the treadmill is convenient. There are only a few things that runners actually use: start, end, speed regulation, and grade adjustment. The most concerned data are speed and mileage. Other complex preset programs and tests are rarely used. Commercial gyms are designed to make highlights and attract consumers. There are not so many complex functions to meet the basic needs of physical exercise.

2. The popularity of elliptical machine is second only to that of treadmill. It is deeply loved by Xiaobai. It has little exercise intensity and can participate in the whole body. A small and medium-sized gym, the ratio of elliptical machine to treadmill is 1:3-6 (i.e. 3 treadmills, 1 elliptical machine; 10-12 treadmills, 2 elliptical machines).

3. Spinning is a good choice for some people who are willing to lose weight. The exercise intensity is high, the fat burning is fast, and the effect is also very obvious. With fast-paced music, it is called a fat reducing artifact.

In addition to the necessary equipment in the gym above, it should also be equipped with weight training equipment. If the venue allows, a smith machine can be added to meet the needs of some people who need muscle training. You can also fill in some props, such as yoga mat, foam axis, yoga ball, etc.

Gym building is not our daily contact field. Many people don't understand the choice of products. From the price to brand to product configuration, it is recommended that you go to the physical store to read, listen and compare as much as possible when making plans. Don't be superstitious about imported brands, and you can't ignore the price. When it comes to the price, you should know why the equipment is worth that price. Finally, the equipment used in the gym is different from those used at home, and the users are miscellaneous. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the equipment with higher configuration and sufficient power when purchasing equipment. Finally, I hope everyone can have a good health while improving work efficiency.


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