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Misunderstanding of sports fitness


Myth 1: plenty of water after exercise

Many people know that it is also inappropriate to replenish water immediately after a lot of sweating, but it is easy to replenish too much water. Because after a large amount of exercise, all organs and systems of the human body need to rest. At this time, a large amount of water will add a heavy burden to the digestion, blood circulation and other systems, especially the heart.

At the same time, after a lot of sweating, mineral water can make up for the loss of trace elements with sweat. If you drink a large amount of purified water, it will only aggravate the loss of minerals in the human body, which is easy to cause cramps, spasms and other symptoms.

Myth 2: it is better to lose weight by sweating during exercise under high temperature

Some teenagers like to engage in outdoor sports in the sun, such as football, basketball, etc. doing so can really sweat profusely and achieve the effect of weight loss, but it will cause harm to the body. Exercise with a large amount of exercise under high temperature can easily lead to excessive sweating, dehydration, heat stroke and other symptoms, and even make people feel faint. Moreover, the strongest sunshine is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in summer, and the sun will burn people's skin.

Myth 3: shower immediately after fitness

Fitness has just ended. The human body urgently needs to release heat from the body, and the capillaries of the skin will expand accordingly. If you immediately take a cold bath, your skin will be stimulated by the supercooling, and the capillaries will shrink suddenly, which is not conducive to the body heat dissipation. The excessive stimulation of heat and cold will also make the expanded pores close in an emergency, and the immunity of the human body will decline. At this time, the bacteria are most likely to invade.

Myth 4: frozen drinks are good for cooling and relieving summer heat

After strenuous exercise, a large amount of blood flows to the moving muscles and body surface, while the digestive organs are in a relatively anemia state. At this time, drinking frozen drinks will bring strong stimulation to the stomach and easily induce anorexia, acute gastritis and other diseases.


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