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What are the top ten commonly used gym equipment


With the gradual improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, people pay more and more attention to their own health, and more people gradually enter the gym. Although there are professional fitness coaches in the gym, because there are a large number of fitness people, it is impossible for the coaches to guide you all the time. Therefore, for the early fitness Xiaobai, many fitness equipment are unfamiliar, which may lead to these people only running on the treadmill and riding a spinning bike. Many people don't know the functions of other strength instruments that help to keep fit.

This time, we selected the list of equipment provided by Tianzhan fitness equipment for 8600 gyms in China, and sorted out a list of commonly used equipment for gyms. Let's take a look at what types of fitness equipment are standard for gyms?

Big data analysis ten common gym instruments

1. Treadmill

99.13% of gyms will choose treadmill as an essential equipment for aerobic exercise. Treadmill is a convenient, time-saving and weather free equipment. Regular running can protect the heart. The heart is an important organ of human aging, and the normal function of the heart has a direct impact on the functions of other internal organs.

2. Elliptical machine

The elliptical machine can successfully combine the movement of arms and legs to achieve the purpose of limb coordination and body line building. The movement of its foot pedal is conducive to the training of cardiopulmonary function. The amount of exercise is not too large, and it is more suitable for people of different ages. Therefore, in the configuration list of the gym, the configuration list with elliptical machine accounts for 92.41%.

3. Spinning bike

Spinning is a kind of sport that makes you sweat like rain and burn your excess fat through the practice of different speed and resistance, coupled with the dynamic music beat and colorful lights in the gym. From the data analysis, 87.91% of the list of gyms are equipped with spinning bikes, which often explode the whole venue.

4. Butterfly chest expander

The advantage of butterfly clip is that it will not change due to the change of arm position. Since the "bridge" action (chest up and abdomen down) can be taken to make the hands touch each other, the action range can be larger. Not only the middle and lower chest seam, but also the whole chest seam can be strongly stimulated, and the upper part of the chest seam can be stimulated by changing the grip form. According to big data statistics, the proportion of chest clipping with butterfly machine is as high as 84.03%. After all, while exercising the chest and abdomen, arm muscles can also have a better auxiliary exercise effect.

5. Smith frame

The sliding track of the barbell of the Smith frame is limited, so the trainer can safely and boldly use the heavy weight. Moreover, it is not only limited to the squat training, but also can do the bench press (up tilt, flat plate, down tilt). Bow rowing, biceps bending, etc. Exercise pectoralis major, quadriceps femoris, biceps femoris, dorsal muscle, etc. It is a very important safety device for beginners.

The proportion of Smith rack is as high as 76.31%. Although it seems that the proportion is not very large, the proportion of Smith rack is as high as 92.67% in the big data statistics of gyms in the first and second tier cities. This has a lot to do with the consumer group positioning of the gym.

6. Bench press

The bench press frame is an instrument that assists in completing bench press. Bench press mainly exercises chest muscles and upper limb muscles, and there are many variants. Free weight barbell bench press can push 16% more weight than Smith machine.

75.94% of gyms choose the bench press in the free strength zone, which fully shows that the role of this zone can not be ignored in the setting of the free strength zone.

7. Rower

Rowing device is a kind of equipment simulating rowing, which has a good effect on strengthening the muscles of legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Rowing is a smooth, interesting and self challenging fitness exercise. With each stroke, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen and back will complete a complete contraction and extension in the process, which can achieve the effect of a whole body muscle exercise. Especially for people with more fat in the waist, abdomen and upper arm, rowing can bring unexpected body shaping effects.

As the representative equipment of aerobic exercise, the proportion of rowing apparatus is as high as 67.10%. One action can exercise 80% of the muscles of the whole body. The rowing apparatus really deserves its reputation.

8. Dumbbell stool

Dumbbell stools can be inclined upward, lying flat or downward, which can cooperate with dumbbells to do a lot of exercises. It mainly cooperates with dumbbells to do dumbbell shoulder push, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell rowing, etc., for example, supine dumbbell bench press, upward inclined dumbbell bench press, downward inclined dumbbell bench press, etc.

83.94% of the selected proportion can be ranked among the top, but after all, there are too many types and styles. Let's put the dumbbell stool in the eighth place for the time being.

9. 360 multifunction trainer

Combined training is used to exercise the whole body and improve the range of motion of the whole body joints. There are generally eight components: wrist flexion and extension trainer, shoulder rotation trainer (wheel type), forearm rotation trainer, single wall thruster, pulley ring trainer, exercise trainer, rib with shoulder ladder, chest and back correction exercise device.

The 51.75% selection ratio is not particularly high. Why can it be included in the list? Because 360 has so many functions, we think it should be on the list.

10. Sitting triceps trainer

Shoulder pusher is mainly used to train deltoid muscle and triceps muscle. It can also increase the stability of shoulder joint and improve the imbalance of arm muscle. 66.23% of gyms will be equipped with shoulder trainers. However, with the increase of our equipment types, there are more and more products with similar functions. For shoulder training equipment, we first recommend triceps trainers.


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