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How to improve user stickiness from the characteristics of fitness service industry


In the post epidemic era, the development of the domestic fitness industry is not as hot as in previous years, and sometimes even gives people a feeling that they are unable to do what they want. However, from the overall environment, this is a precursor to the steady and sustainable development of the industry. In this environment that is about to enter a long-term chronic good development, how should gyms improve user stickiness from the characteristics of the fitness service industry?

Never change without its roots: of course, the service industry is to do everything possible to provide good services

First, let's talk about how to improve user stickiness from the four characteristics of the service industry.

1. strengthen the planning of the course.

After members arrive at the gym, most of them will choose courses. The production and delivery of fitness courses are carried out at the same time. Fitness courses are like products, but they do not have quality inspection after production. Only after the members' personal experience can they evaluate the quality of the course, which is irreparable, so it is very important to improve the quality of the course.

Secondly, in terms of time planning, we can enable members to enter the state faster in the initial stage through different courses, find the point where they need to make efforts, grasp the key points for training, quickly highlight the fitness results, and the user stickiness has naturally increased.

2. focus on service interaction.

The feedback of the service industry is very important, and the feedback must have results, so as to enter the stage of benign cycle interactive development: positioning verification expression.

For example, consumers participate in the process of formulating fitness courses. At this stage, the public's understanding of fitness, their own level and communication with coaches will affect the quality of the course. If we can adjust the enthusiasm of consumers' participation and improve their interest, the more we can improve the quality of the course.

Since customers can participate in this process, they can be more actively immersed in offline courses. In addition, institutions can get feedback from customers and make corresponding adjustments to continuously improve the quality of courses.

3. introduce incentive assessment game to enhance the participation of members.

Offline fitness services and course products cannot be stored. Every gym now has one-on-one classes, and when demand decreases, coaches may be idle. When the demand increases, coaches may be very busy. Unlike other fitness courses, coaches need to participate in them. When coaches are busy attending classes all day, the quality of the courses will be reduced. Because the fitness institutions need to adjust these problems, and can not reduce the quality because of too many customers.

This requires the gym management to introduce the incentive assessment game, and strengthen the communication with members in the interaction of the game. On the one hand, it can plan the course in advance, improve the interest of the course, enhance the sense of participation of members, and strengthen feedback to continuously improve the course quality. In this way, it can more conveniently and reasonably plan the overall operation of the gym.

4. strengthen the internal management of the gym and make the labor-intensive industry transition to the partnership system.

Offline fitness industry is a labor-intensive industry. A fitness coach serves a limited number of clients. In China, the fitness industry is in its infancy, and there is a shortage of people who are relatively professional and like-minded.

Therefore, the shortage of coaches in the fitness industry has also become the upper limit of the development of fitness institutions. Therefore, strengthen the internal management of the gym, enhance the team cohesion, improve the team efficiency and adhesion, and make the labor-intensive industry transition to the partnership system.

Internal coordination and unity, together with the improvement of external two-way communication, form the quality of both internal and external training. Such a gym will never lack members.


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