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Gym operation should have a sense of the times


Today is the double twelfth Festival. The influence of the Internet marketing day has deeply affected all marketing models. While the Internet is promoting, offline activities are also in full swing. Today, let's talk about how to make the operation and marketing of the gym feel modern with the help of Internet thinking!

The natural market of the fitness industry is huge. Both practitioners and marketers who want to set up gyms have deep industry experience in the way of getting customers for gyms. How should the operation of gyms have a sense of the times?

Today we will analyze which features of the sense of the times are conducive to the operation of the gym.

Focus on younger customers

By 2021, post-2000 will truly become the largest audience in the fitness industry, and they have occupied the vast majority of the fitness market. The fitness market is changing from generation to generation much faster than most people realize.

It is reported that youth sports ranked second in the 2020 China fitness trend survey, second only to weight loss. The new generation after 2000 has grown up, the rules of the game have changed, and the way of fitness clubs must also be changed. As the "active generation", the post-00s have different tastes from their predecessors, so it is necessary to adjust the club's services to win their favor.

Fit the tide of entertainment and fitness

With the blurring of the boundary between fitness and entertainment, the era of "entertainment fitness" has come. Many stars have launched their own fitness brands. At the same time, many existing large clubs have also cooperated with stars to recruit image ambassadors. The cultural integration around fitness seems to trigger a new generation of immersive exercise. Music, vision, wearable devices and coaches combine to provide participants with an exciting fitness experience. The wave of "consumption upgrading" continues to heat up. People are pursuing better themselves. Healthy and fashionable fitness makes people feel better physically and mentally. It not only gives people the functional value of body beauty, but also gives people the spiritual value of aesthetics and pursuit.

Pay attention to the trend of group exercise courses

Nowadays, the salary for a group exercise course is very different from that 20 years ago. The growth of virtual fitness and on-demand video services is becoming more and more prominent, and coaches are becoming more and more important in the fitness experience. 2021 is an important turning point. For this generation of sports loving people, well-trained rock star coaches attract them like lighthouses. In the era of automation and digital disruption, a great coach can attract and retain the time of hundreds of members' clubs or studios, and their team can change the future of a brand.

Learn to break through space constraints

In recent years, online paid courses have emerged in endlessly, and apps such as Himalaya and Netease open classes have also emerged. For fitness lovers, space should not be the limit of their pursuit of health and beauty. It is expected that by 2021, more clubs and studios will cooperate with on-demand fitness service providers to enable them to have their own customer "fitness journey" and meet the growing demand of consumers, that is, a flexible digital fitness solution. Those who can bridge the gap between the digital world and the real world and provide a comprehensive fitness experience will have the advantages of both virtual and real worlds.

Master digital marketing in the era of big data

With the increasing proportion of technology in fitness products, data has become more and more important in improving customer experience. With a deeper understanding of customer habits and preferences, fitness clubs and studios can adopt a more data-driven approach to attract customers. By automating manual tasks, membership can focus on the interaction with members and provide more personalized experience for members. With the integration of technology and daily life, the fitness model in the big data era can increasingly meet people's growing expectations for comprehensive fitness solutions.

With the increasing competition in the gym industry, domestic excellent industry enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the market, especially the in-depth research on the development environment of enterprises and the change of customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent industry enterprises have risen rapidly.

In line with the social response of the era of national fitness

Although the word "fitness for all" is no stranger to us, in 2020, the number of fitness people in China may break a new high. In the three-year global trend report 2018-2020, the ranking of weight loss has not fluctuated or ranked the top for consecutive times. The trend of weight loss is unusually high, which is a reflection of the increasing concern of the fitness industry for overweight and obese people. On the other hand, the extensive influence of sports and physical activities on a global scale positively affects human behavior, and also reveals the important social significance behind it. The real era of national fitness has come.

Attach importance to fitness and social networking

The popularity of smart phones, social media and remote work continues to affect the interpersonal contact points in our lives. Especially among the younger generation, the social interaction provided by fitness clubs and gyms is becoming more and more important. As we have always mentioned, the biggest market lies in the "sports loving generation", whose exercise methods are completely different from those of their predecessors. They would rather sweat than drink beer, and regard exercise as a social experience rather than a kind of suffering.

From a sociological point of view, the higher the level of a group, the more we can see the improvement of a person's happiness, satisfaction and effort. Traditional social gathering places, such as KTV and bar, have become less popular in modern society. Fitness clubs can perfectly fill this gap. Members can interact and socialize while exercising, thus becoming the social glue of the community.

Every industry has its own natural law of survival of the fittest. The fitness market is so hot that it will naturally attract a large number of people to test the water. As early as 2019, the fitness market can no longer be the place where water testers can "make quick money", but is gradually standardized by consumers. Competitors are no longer competing with each other about whose swimming pool is big, whose decoration is luxurious, or whose sales can speak. The key for practitioners to stand out from the competition is to grasp the hot spots of the industry and have a clear aim.


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