“Sue, I just wanted to say thank you and offer encouragement and good wishes for the new Burn and Learn program that you have initiated.  When many of us are at our heaviest (and have made the decision to do something about it)  it can be very intimating to march into our local gym and expose our shortcomings. Not only can there be huge body image issues, most of us simply couldn’t keep up with the others in a class or activity.  This program could mean the difference in helping the newly-banded to take those first fitness steps. It offers a safe environment emotionally and would let someone explore exercise at a level that can be managed.  Your caring approach, enthusiasm and encouragement, to say nothing of your expertise, continue to be an important element in my ongoing weight management learning process.  Thank you so very much”,

~Marg, Mississauga

“Sue, I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in your “Burn and Learn” focus group.  To be able to connect with other women who are large and banded and committed to working with their eating disorders was both meaningful and motivational.  In talking with these women, I was struck by how often we said in our group meetings that this opportunity to connect helped us to feel that we were not alone.  I think that probably most, and quite possibly all of us in the group live with some degree of loneliness, secrecy and shame around our food and weight issues.  How fortunate we were to have this time to connect, hear each others’ stories and struggles and offer each other support.  And speaking of support, I can’t emphasize enough just how supportive, caring and nurturing you have been!  I honestly can’t think of anyone who has listened to me more deeply and thoughtfully.  Putting this together with your knowledge and experience as a lapband nurse and now– huge bonus– a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach– well, in my seven years of being banded, I have never heard or read of such an incredibly valuable support package.  Support and connection is something I think most of us need to keep us strong in our life-long commitment to succeed in our weight-loss journey.  I thank you for being you– smart and wonderful and kind!  You have renewed my determination to strive for a healthier lifestyle and in so doing, maintain my self-respect”.

~Kathy, Hamilton

“Sue cares!  With patience, kindness and confident pushing, she takes you to
a level of understanding and awareness that you just can’t manage on your
own.  There are lots of others who work for the centre and they are good.
But Sue will stick with you, hunt you down when you go missing and pull you
back to remind you of why you are worth the effort.  Thank you Sue!”

~Kathy, Burlington

“The Burn and Learn Program is motivating, educational and above all else fun! The support that I was lacking I can find at the program and our instructor Sue genuinely cares about us which is a definate added bonus!!”

~Katica, Mississauga

Dear Sue,

I have read all your pieces here and I wonder if you can hear me laughing? Laughing is the best medicine and should be taken and given daily. “The 5 things that might BUG you about the Band” — PRICELESS and spot on!!! Saying this I have enjoyed reading your articles, very informative. May I say you have been the best motivator, shoulder to cry on and the best advice giver. I always leave feeling so much better after meeting with you. Thank you for being a part of my lapband experience. The clinic has an amazing team and you all make a difference. Thank you. Best regards,

~Carol,  Belleville

One Response to Testimonials

  1. PR says:

    Dear Sue,

    Thank you for affirming how I felt about the BMI in your November blog. It’s nice to have a professional state that not all body types are meat to follow the BMI. I am one of those people.
    The information on your site is very helpful, thanks for being such a great inspiration.

    PR, Mississauga

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