image1It seems surreal that I am sitting on a beautiful sandy beach in Mexico while back home they are preparing for a major snow storm.  My hubby and I treated ourselves to a much needed winter break and are enjoying our last full day of paradise …tomorrow sadly it’s back to reality (or maybe not if this snow storm comes!).

‘Reality’:  work, laundry, cooking, cleaning and by the sounds of it some snow shovelling  ARGHH!!  The one thing I AM actually looking forward to getting back to is…regular eating.  The thing with all-inclusives is that no matter how hard you try, you allllways over indulge.  It’s human nature. When there’s SO MUCH good stuff begging to be sampled…how can you not?!!

We’ve been pretty good with going to the gym regularly and walking the beach twice a day to try to offset some of the excess but as we all know…it’s what we put in our mouths that matters most.

I’m always pumped when a fresh post op patient asks ‘and when can I get back to the gym?’ because that question speaks volumes about a persons lifestyle.  At the other end of the spectrum I despair when a patient tells me ‘I gave up exercising because it didn’t help me lose one pound!’  Exercising or as I prefer to look at it ‘staying active’ has to be a part of our everyday life.  Just as we (hopefully) wouldn’t skip brushing our teeth or putting on deodorant daily, so too should we not skip staying active.  

I’ve written about activity/exercise  before because I am absolutely passionate about getting people to move their bodies.  Like other things many of us enjoy…the more you ‘practise’ fitness the better it gets (I was referring to say, a second language…or a musical instrument, what were you thinking?? ;)).

I know that for some folks just the idea of starting an activity plan can seem like a tall order. Combine that with sore joints, busy schedules and it’s easy to put it on the (very) back burner, to think ‘oh I’ll start tomorrow’. But as we all know so often ‘tomorrow’ never comes and a day turns to a week turns to a month and still no progress on the fitness front.

So for those who are just starting out I’m going to put forward a few suggestions/ideas to hopefully help get things moving:

First:  do something you enjoy. If you don’t like gyms don’t waste your money joining one.

Second: Put some money towards a GOOD pair of running shoes AND moisture wicking workout wear that contains Lycra/spandex (treat yourself, you deserve it).

Third: Do whatever it is you enjoy and do it often…do it daily.  It doesn’t have to be all at once as in 45 minutes of hard cardio at the end of a hard day!  Every bit of loose change adds up.  So this could mean a brisk 10 minute walk in the morning,  doing a few flights of stairs on your lunch hour and busting some sweet moves to three of your favorite heart pumping tunes on your iPod in the  evening (‘Burning Love’ by Elvis!!…c’mon you can’t NOT dance to that its not humanly possible). Remember: something is better than nothing!

Fourth:  Switch it up (here is where I myself am suuuuch a hypocritical creature of habit…but  I’m working on that). Routines become just that…routine. Not only that but our bodies stop responding when we do the same ol’ same ol’.

And finally: Don’t look at exercise/staying active/moving your body as a way to lose weight. Look at it as a way to live more richly and fully in your skin and in the world. I honestly can’t understand why someone who can move would choose not to.  Just walking is a great way to start.

And as I finish this I realize it’s time for my morning walk because omgosh LUNCH is only a couple of hours away!!  It’s a very very good thing this week is almost over!!  You know what my husband had on his plate along with his stacked omelet this morning?  Fried chicken…”wha? It’s PROtein”. Mhmmm just like my daily espresso ice cream is ‘dairy’ 😉
Yours in health, happiness and the hopes of a snow storm :):)Sue

About BodyWell Fitness

I am a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, and Lapband Education Coach. I have worked since 2005 with the obese population and over 5000 lapband/gastric banded patients helping them to understand life with a gastric band, eat well, lose weight, get physically and mentally fit, become healthy and stay motivated. It is my goal to provide information, share knowledge and motivate people to help them reach their hopes and dreams.
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