Holiday Health

xmas image (2)My feet are starting to get wet.  Soon the water will creep up to my ankles, then mid calf and onwards and upwards.   It is the beginning of
December and I’m starting to get that ‘drowning’ feeling.  It actually started on Black Friday when I hit the mall at 6 a.m. XL coffee in hand and comfortable boots on feet (bony elbows poised and ready to strike hehehe…not really, we Canadians are way too polite for that nonsense 😊).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but why is it that the holiday season always seems to bring on stress?  It’s supposed to be one of the most pleasant times of the year, and yet despite best everyone’s efforts it often seems to turn into one of the most stressful.

Perhaps part of it is due to the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves and have of others.  There’s the decorating, the shopping, the baking, the visiting, the entertaining and the list goes on and on.  Combine that with family and work and OY THE WATER IS UP TO MY KNEES WHERE ARE MY WATER WINGS??!!!  Seriously, as I write this I’m feeling myself get worked up.

I think that part of the problem during the Christmas season is we over schedule, plan too much and fail to take care of ourselves.  A good friend said to me recently that she doesn’t understand why we pack everything into the 31 days of December.  Why not spread the fun around???  Lets face it January/February SUCKS and who couldn’t use a good party then?!  I agree however no one else seems to.

So what to do to stay physically and mentally happy during this wonderful month?  Well I propose we make a plan and stick to it.   Remember ‘ A Goal Without a Plan is just a Wish’…fav saying 😊.  Make a plan, write it down, and post it where you will be forced to look at it daily.  Here is what I am going to put on my list:

  1. be nice
  2. get enough sleep (definitely impacts likelihood of fulfilling #1)
  3. don’t over spend (should have started this list last week…)
  4. stay hydrated (no…wine/beer do not count)
  5. stay active daily (every hour of walking burns 100 calories)
  6. eat lots of veggies (without sour cream and /or butter)
  7. don’t graze
  8. limit alcohol (one glass of wine = 400 calories, lets be honest now…who sticks to 5oz?)
  9. be nice (it gets harder as the month progresses)
  10. HAVE FUN…walk/drag the dog (dear sweet Wally), dance, laugh!
  11. indulge occasionally but responsibly…and enjoy every second of it (but remember this:  one Starbucks peppermint mocha: 440 calories…that’s a loooong walk)
  12. love my ‘neighbour’ ( I mean ‘mankind’…don’t want to start any neighbourhood gossip that I haven’t earned), even those that are a bit trickier to love…

This year I propose we make a vow to each other.  Repeat after me:   I (name goes here; if we’re gonna do this lets make it official) solemnly vow I will not get unduly stressed during the holidays.  I will have realistic expectations of myself and others.  I will celebrate the season joyously and not sweat the small stuff.   I will take care of myself.   

We have so much to be thankful for living in this country.  I wish all of you the very very best of the Christmas season and a year full of love, health and happiness,


Sue xo

About BodyWell Fitness

I am a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, and Lapband Education Coach. I have worked since 2005 with the obese population and over 5000 lapband/gastric banded patients helping them to understand life with a gastric band, eat well, lose weight, get physically and mentally fit, become healthy and stay motivated. It is my goal to provide information, share knowledge and motivate people to help them reach their hopes and dreams.
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