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How to attract members with gym equipment


Every gym investor pays special attention to the allocation of gym fitness equipment. First of all, it is related to the early investment, that is, the investors' own funds; Secondly, it is also related to the later operation, whether the customer group can accept the existing fitness equipment quality brand and other issues. With the enhancement of people's fitness awareness, fitness equipment also increasingly affects the choice of customers.

Today, I will analyze how the gym fitness equipment can be configured to attract customers, and what factors will affect it.

Influence of regional differences on fitness industry

With the development of society, the development degree of each region is also different. Having a certain understanding of the current situation of local economic development plays an important role in the opening of gyms. Of course, the degree of economic development is not a decisive factor, and regional culture also has a certain impact. Objectively speaking, a high economic level in a region, coupled with policy support, is conducive to the establishment of relatively large gyms. Small and medium-sized gyms are more suitable for second and third tier cities. Regional cultural differences will also affect consumers' views on the fitness cause. A more open humanistic culture region is conducive to the development of the fitness cause.

Influence of consumption level on fitness industry

With the development of economy, people's consumption level is higher and higher, and the level of consumption is an important factor affecting the fitness industry. The level of consumption affects consumers' choice of things. Because of the high per capita consumption level, people in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are more willing to choose high-end and Avantgarde gyms, so the equipment in gyms must choose novel, fashionable and professional fitness equipment to meet consumers' needs, so as to retain consumers and make them feel value for money; Compared with those areas with low consumption level, it is more reasonable to choose more practical and inexpensive fitness equipment in terms of configuration.

Influence of consumption level on fitness industry

In today's society, there will be competition in any business. Before choosing fitness equipment, you still need to know about other gym equipment. In many cases, construction houses that are just beginning to operate will consider buying equipment that are selected by gyms that are developing well, just like what people say, follow the trend. In fact, this method can't be said to be good or bad. The good thing is that you have a certain understanding of these equipment, This is rational, but if you don't understand it at all, you can directly choose according to the configuration of the other party, then it is possible that others will win and you will lose, so the configuration of the other party will only give you one more choice, not the only choice.

Impact of capital investment

At present, the greater the investment, the more choices you will have in terms of configuration.

From a practical point of view, if the budget is relatively small and the venue is not large, it does not focus on fitness, but just wants to provide their customers with a comfortable place to relax. The use frequency of fitness equipment is relatively low. It is recommended to choose equipment that is slightly cheaper. It is not necessary to choose those high-end configurations. You can choose to buy some domestic light commercial and household equipment. The price is appropriate and does not occupy much space. It is not often used and the storage time is relatively long. In terms of configuration, we can choose to focus on aerobic equipment and strength equipment, and add some products that can be used for entertainment and leisure.

In some cities with good economic development, the size of gyms needs to be medium and high-end. In terms of configuration, you can choose imported commercial and light commercial equipment, and the middle-end gym can choose fitness equipment with good reputation in quality and appropriate price; The configuration of high-end gyms needs to be dominated by avantgarde, novel and fashionable top brands, because these devices can meet the needs of consumers in terms of appearance, function and quality.

Different gyms

With the development of fitness business, there are more and more gyms. Investors all hope that their gyms are different. Some have their own style in appearance and decoration, some have their own uniqueness in marketing plan, and others build intelligent gyms with the times.

In fact, you can create the characteristics you want when you start to buy equipment. If you want to make your gym start from fashion, you can choose fitness equipment with a sense of fashion in appearance when you buy equipment; If you want to make your gym smart, you can choose the current advanced configuration in terms of intelligence; If you want to give people a very professional feeling, you can choose to give people a mature and stable instrument. In conclusion, if you want to make your gym stand out at the moment, you need to build your own unique and different gym

Now the fitness industry is developing rapidly and the competition is fierce. The configuration of the gym can not only restrict the purchase of equipment, but also involve the competitiveness of the whole industry. Therefore, investors should think about the development of the gym from a more comprehensive perspective, and objectively understand the development of the overall market industry; At the same time, we should also combine reality subjectively, constantly meet the needs of consumers and find our own style. In short, the configuration of the gym needs to start from the overall perspective.


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