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How should the gym equipment be arranged? Details determine success or failure


The layout of the gym is not only to make full use of the space, but also to create a potential attraction to customers. The emergence of the fitness boom has also brought about the rapid development of the fitness industry. People who feel profitable and some fitness coaches with fitness ideals have more or less started planning to open gyms or private education studios. The layout and decoration of the gym is a very important part of the successful operation and lasting operation of the gym.

The space design of the gym can not be divorced from the modern mood. Imagine working out in an ancient room. There will certainly be an inexplicable feeling. The times are developing. Today is fashionable, but tomorrow is likely to be backward. We can't decorate the store once a month. If we want to keep our gym in line with other peers, we should make great efforts in using space.

1) The delicate decorative table designed in front of the mirror can change the decoration at any time to add strange luster to the small ornaments. What is the role of a mirror in a gym? It is to let customers observe their body satisfaction and install mirrors on the ceiling. Customers can see their actions when lying down for exercise. Do not install too many mirrors in the gym. Too many mirrors will only appear clumsy and rustic.

2) A flexible decorative picture frame is designed between the gym screen and the partition to give fitness customers a sense of novelty by changing pictures. The design of screens and partitions should consider mobility, add reconfigurable lights, personalized cosmetics, modern streamlined lines, etc., which will give customers a kind of beautiful enjoyment.

3) Some light boxes are designed to put beautiful women or handsome men who have a beautiful body for fitness. They can also publicize fitness knowledge, because customers can also enjoy advertisements when they are doing sports, which will surely achieve twice the result with half the effort.

If your gym is not attractive to customers compared with other gyms, will fitness customers often visit it? Especially with the change of seasons and the update of fitness products, the theme of the gym should be changed frequently. Of course, the decoration is necessary, but it is difficult to change, and it will become more and more difficult as time goes by. This requires us to have a long-term plan.

How should the gym equipment be arranged? Details determine success or failure

Generally speaking, the walls of the gym should be mainly gray or yellow, because these colors have a wide range of colors and can be coordinated with any other colors. For example, curtains, bedspreads, scarves of customers and work clothes of membership consultants should all change according to seasons and product changes. Therefore, the gym decoration should not work hard on hardware, but should seek development in software. The blind pursuit of fashion can only joke about their own funds.

It is very important for customers to receive service.

The gym has carpeted the place where customers enter the door. If you want to go inside, you should understand it thoroughly. No, you must go through the cashier first, giving people a feeling that you are not allowed to go in without paying. All these are not conducive to the development of the gym. Therefore, when designing the store layout, the conditional gym should consider the main channel, auxiliary channel and governance channel. The main passage must not be carpeted. It is the central passage leading potential customers from the entrance to the gym by the membership consultant.

How should the gym equipment be arranged? Details determine success or failure

Potential customers can walk around this passage at will to increase their opportunities to understand the gym. The secondary passage is the passage for prospective customers and membership consultants to walk around. It can be carpeted and try to work on the grade; The governance channel is relatively narrow, which is a route to benefit the contact between consultants and administrators. The design should be close to the sub channel as close as possible, because it should facilitate the communication and work cooperation between employees and customers.

The gym is a service industry. If imitate the management of the organization such as hotel, inn, bazaar, supermarket is misplaced, also be impractical.

The gym is a service-oriented industry. The fitness customers are the service objects of the membership consultants. The membership consultants on duty should stand at the front desk and directly meet with the fitness customers. If you need to consult, you can consult the membership consultant who takes the initiative to receive you; If a physical test is required, it should be induced by the membership consultant who takes the initiative to receive the test; If payment is required, it should also be paid by the membership advisor.

It should not cause that the membership consultants have less power to receive customers than the administrators, and there are not as many people who earn money as there are idle people. Even the gym supervisor should give priority to encouraging the membership consultant service and should not give priority to directing the membership consultant to do things.

How should the gym equipment be arranged? Details determine success or failure

Some gyms have a TV on the front desk. They are curious about "why do you want to hang a TV?" "For the convenience of customers," he said Is that the truth? Only the front desk and the membership consultant can watch TV programs. Can the membership consultant concentrate on watching TV Therefore, hanging a TV in the front hall will only affect the mood of customers and distract the attention of the staff, without bringing any benefit to customers.

The layout of the gym is a work that needs long-term planning. There should be not only the overall concept and the prospect concept, but also the technical things. How to make use of resources to make the local design of the gym reasonable can not be out of style for a long time in the future. There is also the large-scale utilization of, and only in this way can we save money in the cost section.


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